Make a Difference

How can I help

There are so many ways you can help ensure we improve the lives of Uganda communities by supporting our current cause which include:

Become a Monthly Donor

Your ongoing support makes a direct impact on the growing health and economic needs of our community.

Your generous contributions improve lives in so many ways. Every dollar you give is invested in improving the lives of the rural communities through organized community women groups, prevent diseases, and improve the overall health and well-being of our community.

If you are interested in becoming a monthly donor, please click here

Donate to our projects

  • You can buy a goat for the women community groups, buy a cow, donate a water harvest tank for a primary school
  • Volunteer with us to educate communities and schools about public health and hygiene
  • Be part of our community outreach program 
  • You can donate directly by giving us money or donate indirectly by booking a safari with Marita Travel & Tours 

Source of Funds

  • Donations